The Parish Church of St Peter, Bishop's Waltham in the Anglican Diocese of Portsmouth (England, UK)
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The Wider Church

Churches Together in Bishop’s Waltham Area

This is a united group of Clergy and Laity from about 18 local churches and Fellowships who meet every other month to discuss ways of promoting our faith within the Bishop’s Waltham area. There is a strong focus on ecology, with encouragement for all churches to do their own "eco-audit". Every year, groups meet for a Lent course - this involves about 300 people studying together.

The Church Overseas Support Team (C.O.S.T.)

This group is active (through teaching events, social events, fund-raising and guest speakers on Sunday mornings) in raising awareness of the work of the Church overseas and to encourage prayer and giving in its support.

"Christian Responsibility"

Our Church aims to give 10% of planned giving income to what in the past might have been called "charitable causes", but which we prefer to call "Christian Responsibility". It is budgeted for, and comes "off the top" of our finances, thus demonstrating a clear commitment within our parish to Christian witness in the world. We want to continue to work to increasing our income so that we can sustain this and all our other financial commitments, but we believe that God will honour and bless our intentions. Half of the 10% goes to the Church Overseas Support Team (COST) who present plans - early in each calendar year - detailing how they will spend the money in supporting Christian service overseas. The sum of money in question does NOT include the monthly "Blessings Box Appeal" or other Special Appeals. The other half of the 10% is available to be spent on "Christian Responsibility" locally and nationally. We decide each year how this money is to be allocated. Collections from two of our four main Christmas services (Carol Service and Crib Service) are given to different charities each year. Finally, we advise couples to donate half of the collection taken at their wedding to a charity of their choice.

The parish supports

Christian Aid
The Children’s Society
The Deanery Ministry of Healing
Deanery Synod including the links with:
* The Deanery of Hackney and in particular the parishes of St. Thomas Clapton Common and St. Michael and all Angels, Stoke Newington

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