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Housegroups for Bishop’s Waltham and Upham

Every Christian should try a Housegroup!!!

Housegroups for Bishop’s Waltham and Upham
There are nine housegroups in Bishop’s Waltham and Upham, with over eighty members, but there is room for many more!
Housegroups enable:
* regular study to deepen faith and understanding,
* regular worship and prayer with other Christians in a setting outside church,
* a deeper sense of Christian ‘belonging’
* care and support from fellow Christians.

The groups:
* usually meet twice a month in term-time.
* decide themselves how and what to study,
* provide prayer, care and support for each other.

Support is provided by:
* regular leaders’ meetings,
* a Resource Bank of study materials (books, notes, leaflets, videos, tapes, etc) kept in the Stables Quiet Room.

If you would like to know more please speak to Tony Thorpe (01489 891350)

House Groups

House Groups
Monday evenings – BISHOP’S WALTHAM leader Bev Rutter

Tuesday evenings - leaders Joan Gavin and Nick Penter

Tuesday evenings – BISHOP’S WALTHAM leader David Williamson,

Tuesday evenings – BISHOP’S WALTHAM leaders Tony Thorpe, and Kathy Saunders

Wednesday morning - BISHOP'S WALTHAM leader Rebecca Hunt

Wednesday evening - BISHOPS WALTHAM Leaders Sue Palmer and Pam Brown

Wednesday evenings – BISHOP’S WALTHAM leader Sheila McNerney

Thursday evenings – BISHOP’S WALTHAM leader Alan Inder

Thursday evenings – BISHOP’S WALTHAM leader Robin and Emma Andersen

2nd and 4th Tuesday eve - BISHOP'S WALTHAM leader Mike Salter

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